Shipping, Returns and Refunds Policy

We choose the best and the most reliable way to deliver the goods purchased by you to your home or office as designated by you. In most of the cases the goods purchased by you are handed over to our courier partners within 16 working hours (which means same or next business day) of the purchase.

We give our valued customers up to 5 working days to report and request for a replacement of the product delivered to them only under these 2 circumstances -

  • ○ Wrong product sent to them
  • ○ Defective product sent to them

If the above 2 circumstances apply to you then the process will be like this -

  • ○ The customer will have to send a mail to and raise a request for return
  • ○ Brandgodam will arrange a reverse pick up of the product
  • ○ The customer will keep the product properly packed and hand it over to the courier for reverse pick up
  • ○ Brandgodam will evaluate the product on receipt
  • ○ Brandgodam will send a replacement for the product to the customer's designated address. If the customer requests then Brandgodam can offer the customer in-store credit to purchase another product from

If Brandgodam is not able to offer acceptable quality even through the replacement product, in that case ONLY Brandgodam will refund the purchase amount to the customer. The decision and discretion of Brandgodam will be final in these cases. For the refund the customer will get the credit in the form the customer paid like - a credit back to the credit or debit card as the case may be or a cheque or account transfer in case the amount was paid through cash on delivery.

Whereas an in-store credit by Brandgodam is instant in nature, a credit back to the customer's credit or debit card sometimes takes 3 - 5 days from the bank's side. Brandgodam does not take more than 3 - 5 working days to process the refund once the decision to refund the amount has been taken.