Terms of Uses

This Terms of Use is in accordance to the Information Technology Act, 2000 and serves the purpose of an electronic sell - purchase contract between the seller (which is us) and the individual buyer. We modify this page from time to time and the user will have to visit this page intermittently to check on the latest version. By placing an order with brandgodam.com the buyer confirms that the buyer accepts the product as per its make, specifications and price. brandgodam.com undertakes to ship the product using its courier partners' services to deliver the product at the buyer's indicated address within the stipulated time. In the event the product is not available then brandgodam.com will be forced to cancel the product and the buyer will be intimated about the decision and an alternate product may or may not be offered. If the customer is for any reason unhappy with the product post the delivery of the product and the buyer's payment then this dealing will be governed by the Returns and Refunds Policy of brandgodam.com as indicated under the Shipping Section of this site.

Management of brandgodam.com views attempts to defraud the company quite seriously and will go to any legal extent to protect and safeguard the interests of the company against any fraudulent attempts. If a fraudulent transaction is detected in any case, the company will be forced to delete the transaction and will owe no liability to refund or otherwise. While placing an order on this site the buyer undertakes that the banking details used for the transaction are lawfully valid and not misrepresented in any way. The management of brandgodam.com undertakes to safeguard the privacy of the buyer as per the Privacy Policy of the site and also undertakes to respect the company's obligations as stipulated in the Returns and Refunds Policy.

The users and buyers on brandgodam.com also fully understands and accepts that the management, employees, agents and any representatives or partners or associates directly or indirectly involved with the company is in no way liable for any profit or loss or damage whatsoever caused by obtaining service or goods or data from brandgodam.com in any legal manner. The users and buyers also undertake to indemnify brandgodam.com, the parent company and its management from and against any and all losses, liabilities, claims, damages, costs and expenses originating from any deals or business done between the two parties.

The laws of Republic of India are the governing laws of this contract and any disputes originating from this contract will be within the jurisdiction of the courts of Delhi, India. In the event you notice any deviations from this Terms and come across any objectionable material or content then you may please report in writing to - inquiry@brandgodam.com. Or you can send a physical mail to CMO, brandgodam.com, Khasra No. 64/4/2, Main Rohtak Road, Opposite Metro Pillar No. 573, New Delhi - 110041.